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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A parable in the noodles

As I was rolling out, cutting on, placing on my chairs, and blogging about my noodles it came to me. All my noodles are made by my hands. I have cut each and every noodle. I know exactly what is in my noodles. I know approximately how much water it will take to boil my noodles, how much oil to add so they won't stick. I know how much rolling my dough can take before it will get holes, start cracking, or other problems. I attempt to be one with my dough. I can tell you the minute my dough comes off the dough hook if it will work or not. By feeling the dough I know if it's to dry or too moist. I can tell when my dough is an unleaven loaf or leaven. It's something you learn over time as you learn your doughs.

God is this way with his creation. He knows every person on this earth, in fact he knew us before we ever had a breath. He made every rock, he knows when a piece of rock is going to break away from a cliff or mountainside. God knows how much pressure it takes, how much moisture it takes, how much anything or any living thing needs. He knows how much mositure a farm field is going to need before a farmer knows it. God knows how much rolling I can take, he knows how much pressure can be applied to me before I crack or get holes. Some of my noodls are short, some are long, some are skinny, some are wide. But God's hands are perfect, he knows the perfect size, perfect shape of all of his creation. I am reminded as I look at my pasta and I am also relieved that God is the best at creating, the master artist, the one who is incontrol of how all things function. Because when he is incontrol I can rest at ease and let things fall into place as they will. When I rest in him it becomes ok if my pasta isn't perfect, it becomes ok that my husband isn't perfect. Praise the Lord there is one greater than I that is incontrol!

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