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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lo Mein and homemade Egg Rolls

Lo Mein made with fettucine noodles, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, gr. peppers, and onions.
All veggies I had on hand, all veggies were on sale.

 my egg roll filling is made up of homemade turkey sausage and homemade sauerkraut...Yummo!

 Pork egg roll with sauerkraut, sweet and sour sauce, and veggie Lo Mein,
with fair trade yummy ice tea.

 Egg rolls filled with homemade turkey sausage and homemade sauerkraut.
Lo Mein sauce has rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and a smitch of honey.

I'm sure wonton wrappers can be made from scratch, but in this case I bought them. Having three little ones I need to pick and choose what I make and what I will buy. This was a compromise I could handle.

The first step is to lay the wonton wrapper out and then fill with a tablespoon or two of your filling mixture.
Then make a mixture of egg white and dap of water, whisk till frothy and brush the edges of the egg roll wrapper.

The egg white mixture and egg roll wrapper directions. I used my pastry basting brush to rub the edges with the egg wash.

after you have brushed the edges, fold in the middle corner so it overlaps the meat/veggie mixture.

Then take the other two corners and fold them over first fold, then roll it like a burrito. The trick is to roll it tight enough so the stuff doesn't fall out but loose enough so it doesn't crack.

The final product! Yummy, crispy, healthy egg rolls. Oh yeah, I used lard to fry them in and man oh man was it amazing! High recommended!

This meal was amazingly very easy with little preparation. I put the spices in the ground turkey to make my sausage the night before. My sauerkraut had already been made weeks before and was in my refrigerator. Then the next day I fried my turkey sausage, drained the liquid from my sauerkraut and added it to the sausage in the pan, then put it in containers for later. During nap time I filled the egg roll wrappers, but them on a cookie sheet, and put the cookie sheet in the fridge until it was time to fry them. For lo mein I use any left over noodle I have. Spaghetti, linguine, fettucine work the best. sautee your veggies first, when they are done add your cooked posted to the veggies and whatever sauces you are going to use. Badaboo badabing you have lo mein and egg rolls! Yummo!

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