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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Double Blessings? Double Trouble!

 Titus is a happy guy and finds life hullarious. There is rarely a moment when he doesn't look like he's not about to get into trouble. It is next to impossible to keep him from climbing and crawling over everything.

 Naomi has a very serious personality. I think she is going to be my type A personality.

 They look so much alike. They are truly the feminine and masculine of each other.

Titus and Naomi have discovered graham crackers and love them.

The twins are almost 13 months, which is kind of werid because technically it's their real birthday. So even though they are 13 months they are only really 12 months, closer to 11 1/2 months. I am amazed everyday at how much they are learning and how they are able to get into so much trouble. Titus is an explorer and wants to know how everything works. He makes noises with his mouth, my girls will only hope to do someday. He loves watching the snowplows out in the parking lot and teasing his sisters. Naomi is the talker of the two and does not have an inside voice. She is a terrific eatter and will eat anything in front of her...for the most part. She is content to sit and cuddle and talk and snuggle. She is learning to give back to Titus what he gives to her. We have found her sitting on him bouncing up and down. They are wonderful playmates and we can hear them talking in their cribs when they are suppose to be sleeping. They are a lot of work, I have cried many tears, but they are also truly amazing.

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