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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bagels, Bagels, who wants a Bagel!?

After soaking the dough for about 24 hours, then letting it rise most of the afternoon. I am pleased to present to you, not perfect, but not a complete flop, plain bagels! After soaking, the recipe said to knead in the yeast and salt. I thought to myself, the yeast is going to go all over, well I didn't listen to myself and tried to knead in the yeast and salt. Yeah, it did what I thought, the yeast went all over. So I quickly put it into my kitchen aid mixing bowl and got as much dough and what was left of the yeast back in the bowl. Praise the Lord for my kitchen aid, it's the work horse of my kitchen. My mixed than completed the mixing and kneading of the bagel dough. The bagels were not as puffy as they should have been, perhaps because of the run away yeast. But considering they are still edible not completely flat, I should say it wasn't a total lose! And be asured I will try again and master the skill of bagel making! Yummo!

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