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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What will I look like?

The death of my grandpa has me thinking a lot about our physical bodies and our souls. I was thinking about what my grandpa would look like now that he is in heaven. Would he look young, would he be the age he is now. I wondered how does God pick what we look like in heaven, but then I thought we don't take our bodies with us. Scripture says there will be a new heaven and a new earth when Christ comes back. What does this body look like, is it a real body, or is it something I can't comprehend because it's a God thing.  Will my spirit be a floating something going here and there. It really doesn't matter, I know that. I turst my God completely that whatever form I shall take will be the best. It is still fun to think, ponder, and contemplate, but it's also wonderful to trust God and be able to let go.

 Then I started thinking, that maybe it's that the body ages and it's the spirit of a man that grows with wisdom. That maybe the spirit does not grow old as our body does, it simply gets wiser, deeper in love with Jesus, and more wonderful. Our bodies may deterate, our minds may get cloudy and discombobulated on earth. But it is only the host for my spiritual body. Perhaps I have a spiritual body and a earthly body. I cannot regonize the spirit body because it will not be perfect and complete until Christ comes back or he comes to take me home.  I wonder if I will not regonize Grandpa by what he looks like, so much as I will know him by his spirit. By his caring manner, his firm handshake, and bubbly laughter. I will probably know him by his seriousness when approaching the Lord, as that was respectful way to approach God, according to Grandpa.

I struggle with cremation. I know I will be gone and it will not matter if someone uses my body for target practice and then cremates me. I won't feel it, I know it, but my earthly mind knows it and hates the thought. But if I can look at it as my spiritual body is perfect and complete, then perhaps I can look at my earthly body being burned with relief. Knowing I can no longer be hindered with crazy emotions I don't understand, relief that I will now only speak love and peace and can no longer hurt others in my humanness. Relief knowing I am safe in the clutches of Jesus and sin can no longer touch me. Relief that I am forever at peace and in relationship with my God!

A spirit body and a earthly...something to think about.

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