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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baking Bread!

This fococia recipe is one of my favorite because it seriously does not take hardly any time!
Maybe 20 minutes for prep and about 15 mins. for baking. Super Easy! 

My lovely loaves of Focaccia bread! Yummo!! 

Honey Mustard Oatmeal Bread! This is a loaf my family requests.

The grains for these loaves were not soaked, BUT I will get there.
Once I get the main feel down how to soak grains in recipes that all ready walk you through it, I will try with adjusting my old favorites and see how they do. It's a slow journey, one I have to remind myself that God is still in control even when I eat white all purpose flour that hasn't been soaked!

Making bread is one of the things that is huge stress reliever for me. There is something wonderful about putting ingredients together, smelling the aromatic spices, feeling the warmth of the oven, and having the satisfaction of tasting it at the end. Be advised though, because I have had plenty of flops at the beginning and I still have flops now. There are still times when my bread isn't completely done in the middle or it gets over done, there are still times when something doesn't rise, the dough is too stiff, or something I have no idea what I did. Cooking and baking is an art form and something that takes time to get the knack down. Once you get steps down and find short cuts that work for you, bread making takes no time at all.

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  1. Hot diggity girl, those belong in a magazine! That is awesome. Does Mark love your homemade bread? What a great trip for a hubby and fun relaxing time for you.