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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soaking grains and fermenting veggies and fruits

I am learning SO much from Nourishing Traditions. It is a piece of a puzzle I was looking for but couldn't put my finger on. For the most part it takes us back to when we had no fast food, no corn syrup, hormones were only something women dealt with monthy. Back to the days when women had a day for everything baking bread, washing, etc. I am very greatful for technology, but with technology comes some not so great things. Like nitrates, corn syrup, gentcially altering things that were not meant to be altered. This takes you back to fermenting foods, raw milk from which you can make cream cheese with a by product of whey. Whey is wonderful for fermenting. Raw milk also gives you the abilty to make amazing whip cream and amazing butter. It teaches you how to prepare your food so that your body can properly break it down. Mark has had horrible stomach issues and painful joint pait. Both are something I have been looking for a solution to. Since he has started eatting sauerkraut and a diet using butter and olive oil for our main oils he has not complained of painful stomach cramps. His joint pain is still there but I have learned broths for that too. I am hoping and praying that by soaking my grains will allow Mark's body to be able to break them down easier and better.  Soaking my grains is actually quite easy and divides the process. For muffins in the morning I simply soak the flour in yohgurt, buttermilk, or keifer. Then add he rest of the ingredients in the morning when we are ready. Same with bread. Yes this takes organization and preparation. But life should take preparing. Life should not be viewed as a fast food, right now society. As a mom with three kids 4 and under I can tell you about limited time. Yet, I find it important to be organized and up on things as much as possible. It allows me to be in the kitchen as little as possible. If there are too many steps or takes to long count me out! Nourishing traditions is about fresh, which means better flavor, which means you will enjoy eatting it. It is also frugale and budget friendly because you are making it from scratch. It's a journey and one I'm excited to venture out on. Come along with me! Ask me questions, dialog with me, I'd love to share the rich tradition of good ole fashion homemade yummy food!

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  1. Awesome about Mark's stomach troubles. The joint pain sometimes goes away over time. It takes time and nourishment to build the tissues back up properly and to decrease the swelling. You go girl!!